Forty-year-old, with multiple careers, mother of two children, experienced skier, inveterate traveler Clarisse Virot is above all a fashion enthusiast who has always been able to find, in the four corners of the world, what no one has. Failing to find what she was looking for, she had it made.

Her creative process is purely instinctive: first she creates what she wants, then she creates what, in her opinion, is missing on the market.


Claris Virot is first of all a project that started by instinct. After summers spent in Bali finding small local artisans, Clarisse decided to have her ideal bag made in bright yellow python. One of his friends, seduced by his talent and the multiple possibilities offered by this material, then suggested that he develop a brand and, the following summer, the first Claris Virot collection left the Bali workshops. Among them, Charly, like his daughter's first name, will become the best-seller of the almost eponymous brand.

Available in several colors, materials and sizes, it represents
brand codes:

- Practical for urban and cosmopolitan women who like to travel
- Bright colors and bohemian mixes
- Quality requirements for an artisanal product concocted with love

Since the creation of the brand in 2014, Claris Virot has favored artisanal production and established an exclusive partnership with its local manufacturer in Bali.

In recent seasons, Claris Virot has developed new materials which have been very successful, such as vegetable-tanned leather or traditional weaving, as well as new products: shoes, glasses, AirPods cases, etc.

For Clarisse Virot, the brand's artistic director, color is above all a synonym for spontaneity and cheerfulness. Claris Virot is thus a brand full of energy, which uses color as its signature, anticipating trends, fashion and the wishes of its customers. It is an uninhibited brand, identified as happy and trendy and whose prices are calculated as accurately as possible.

Bags, shoes and accessories to wear every day: “From noon to midnight,” her customers like to remind her.


It is difficult to define the typical profile of the Claris Virot woman when we know that she affects three generations:

We can identify with the active woman who takes responsibility and looks for a stylish bag, not too heavy and comfortable.

But we also find her mother as her daughter. The first is looking for a classic but trendy product while the second will find a first pretty trendy bag that she will love to show off to her friends.